Coverage Map

Check your coverage

Welcome to our interactive coverage map! This map is designed to keep you up-to-date on the activation of our network. It updates daily so check back often!

A few things of note: If your home is in the Blue shaded area we can install our network with 99% certainty. Call customer service now (413)-775-6400 to schedule your installation!

Blue Active     Orange Planned     Grey Upcoming

Status Updates

Installations Are Going Strong

During the past week, we’ve been continuously working on filling in the gaps between High Street and Davis in an effort to get a deeper coverage in that area. Now we’re moving west of Davis Street! In the meantime home installations are going strong and we’ll begin scheduling business installations in October.

The work on our two remaining Points of Presences, which are necessary in order to provide service north of Pierce/Beacon Streets, is moving forward. We’ve just received word that our friends at the DPW are offering to help us out with the construction (thank you DPW!) to help speed the process up.  We’ll continue to keep you posted on this project’s progress.

GCET is in the news – GCET has earned industry recognition for our 10GE intelligent network; and we’re also being nominated for international Smart-City recognition.

Finally, we’re hiring again! If you know anyone who would like to work with us as an Installation Technician please let us know!”

We’re Working for You!

Now that you know what neighborhoods are active, let’s talk about what we are working on.

GCET is concentrating on filling the gap between High Street and Davis Street. We will then focus on working our way west of Davis Street so keep checking our Map and watch us grow!

GCET is also working to complete the installation of the final two Points of Presence (the network intelligence centers), so we can reach into all corners of Greenfield, including the more rural areas. Installation of the final two Points of Presence will be the final major milestone in our network build-out.

Our goal still remains to have our network available to all residents of Greenfield by the end of the year, so keep an eye on the Progress Map!

GCET Launch

We know some of you have been wondering ‘What’s GCET been up to?!’ Well, we’re here to tell you.

In late June we began activating our network with the focus on the High Street – James Street – Prospect Street area. At the time of this launch we had 11 pre-signups which we scheduled and installed as our “beta customers.” While those installations went well, we did experience a few rough patches that we worked hard to correct quickly. During that time we also optimized our Software Defined Network. What does this mean exactly? Well it means we’ve fine-tuned our software so we can bring you a fast, stable and secure network.

Installations aren’t the only thing we’ve done since June though. We’ve also completed the installation of our Access Nodes (the equipment hanging from the streetlights) throughout Greenfield. Every day we are working to activate those Access Nodes, neighborhood by neighborhood, so we can provide your home or business with service.

We’d like to thank everyone for their patience, support, and most of all, the valuable input you have given that helps GCET serve our community with pride! We look forward to providing you with internet service soon!