Yes, an account with GCET is required.

Yes, once the network is completed. You can use your Wi-Fi Calling enabled  smartphone to make phone calls as well, even where cell coverage doesn’t exist

Any Wi-Fi enabled device is capable of receiving GreenLight’s service. However older model devices will have low speed wireless modems and your access speed will be slower.

Absolutely not.  GCET is a self-sustaining entity supported by its revenues from customers.

First and foremost, it is the network.  GreenLight is a 10Gbps fiber Metro-Ethernet backbone network and 1.7Gbps Wi-Fi access network. We support you at home, work, at play or on the go.

Plus GreenLight‘s transmission speeds are synchronous so you get the exact same upload and download speeds – an critical factor with today’s cloud based applications.

Lastly, you will be able to dramatically reduce or eliminate your mobile phone, Internet access and home phone service costs.

GCET offers up to 100Gbps fiber access speeds; and up to 1Gbps wireless access speeds.

AroundTown Mobile is our unlimited data mobile device service. It allows you to roam within city limits without losing your Internet Access connection – similar to, but faster and more reliable than, your mobile device (phone, tablet, computer, etc.).  Once our network is fully deployed you can access it automatically anywhere in Greenfield along our network.

GCET offers Internet Access; VoIP Telephone and advanced data services such as Virtual Private Networking and Wide Area Networking for businesses.

GreenLight’s lightning fast network keeps you connected anywhere in Greenfield whether you are at home, at work or at play. Carrier class reliability, multi-device support and mobility – the ability to remain connected to the internet everywhere in Greenfield where the GreenLight network is built – is what makes GreenLight unique.

GreenLight internet, telephone and advanced data services are also very secure, and priced much lower than any service currently offered by any other provider.

As importantly, GreenLight is a community owned service – you own it! Supporting GreenLight will ensure every citizen, business and visitor has access to these vital communications services.

Any Wi-Fi enabled device including mobile phones, computers, gaming systems and Smart TVs .

Businesses and homes that are using wired networks are also supported via GCET’s Private Gatewaycwhich GCET installs in your home or office.

GreenLight’s transmission speeds are synchronous, which means you get the same speeds for uploads and downloads.

Most businesses and residences will be fully satisfied with GCET’s 30Mbps entry-level plan. Under this plan you will experience 30Mbps upload and 30Mbps download speeds.  Speeds of up to 100Gbps upload and 100Gbps download will be available.

GCET is the acronym for Greenfield Community Energy and Technology. This is the business you own which the  town created to build fiber and wireless communications networks, and to provide voice, data and Internet services.

GreenLight is the brand name for GCET’s fiber and wireless communications networks and services.

You can expect to see 30-50% savings initially, and greater savings as more members of our community support GCET by switching from the cable and phone companies.

There are four ways for you to connect your computer:

  1. Through the Wi-Fi modem installed inside your computer, if so equipped
  2. Through the GCET Private Gateway installed in your home which receives the GreenLight signal and connects to your computer with an Ethernet cable
  3. Through the GCET Private Gateway installed in your home which receives the GreenLight signal and re-broadcasts it within your home via Wi-Fi
  4. With a USB Wi-Fi modem compatible with your computer

Yes, if your mobile phone supports WiFi calling.  This is an ideal solution if you have poor mobile phone coverage from your wireless phone company.

Yes, however you will need to install a Fax App which you can order from vendors such as eFax, MyFax, etc.

Yes, you can. GreenLight also supports gaming systems, tablets, Smart TV’s – GreenLight supports any device which is Wi-Fi enabled.