How We Compare

"I'm saving so much $ with GCET. Thanks Greenfield, for providing this communication option."

- Linda J. Goldstein

GCET saves you money with clear, honest pricing - and no hidden fees.

Cable TV's Sneaky Fees

"’s nearly impossible for consumers to find out the full cost of a cable package before they get locked into a contract — and cable companies count on this...These confusing, often misleadingly named charges continue to drive up consumer bills, even if you lock in a promotional rate.”

- Consumer Reports


See How We Compare!

Cable's Hidden Fees can more than double your monthly bill.  That's why the true price for the average cable bundle in Greenfield is over $176.00* per month!  GCET's most popular comparable package is only $99.95 - with no hidden extra fees and no contracts.

* Average cost from GCET Customer Survey - Fall 2018

Greenfield's True Price Comparison

Switch to GCET and save over $900.00 per Year