The GCET Mission

To provide every resident and business with the bandwidth they need, on any device, whatever their location, at no cost to taxpayers

TrueSpeed Broadband
Every Resident & Business
All Over Town

The GCET Network: Agile, Scaleable and Adaptable

Active Ethernet
That's a fancy name for Intelligent Networking. Our software defined network enables unparalleled real-time service delivery flexibility with future-proof scalability.
Lightning Fast
Supporting homes, businesses, schools, and all city departments with a 10Gbps Fiber Core Network scalable to 100Gbps for fast download AND equally fast upload speeds.
City-Wide Fiber with Mobile Wi-Fi

Our 10Gbps fiber network and 1.7Gbps mobility network support all of your communications needs, all over town. Login once and go.

A New Model for Municipal Broadband

Not Tax Payer Funded

GCET is financially supported by revenues it earns from the sale of GCET services to its customers – not by taxes or through donations.

Public Safety & Public Service

Wireless high-speed broadband city-wide supports public safety officials and first-responders with secure, real-time data and video.

Community Pricing

GCET is a community-owned nonprofit business focused on delivering the best service at the lowest possible price. And we can lower our prices even more as we gain more customers.