Provide the city, every resident and every business with whatever broadband service they need, on whatever device they use, no matter where they are located and without cost to taxpayers.

Every Resident & Business
True Broadband

Innovative Municipal Broadband

GCET, a city of Greenfield owned nonprofit public utility, was created to spur economic and community development. Four (4) distinct factors set GCET apart from similar nonprofit public utilities whether you are at home, at work or on the move:

Not Tax Payer Funded

GCET is financially supported by revenues it earns from the sale of GCET services to its customers – not by taxes or through donations.

Cost Based Pricing

As GCET’s customer adoption grows prices for services will decrease due to a larger base of revenues to cover GCET’s cost of operations.

GreenLight: Agile & Adaptive Network

GreenLight, GCET's network, supports both stationary (home/business) and mobile connectivity to any user device. GreenLight also features over 300 fiber network expansion points throughout the city which stand ready to scale to meet customer demand today, and in the future.

Public Safety & Public Service

GreenLight enhances public safety by enabling city-wide high-speed mobile communication, and by providing secured real-time data and video to police, fire, emergency medical personnel and state and federal emergency management agencies. It helps: Schools, teachers and students communicate and share educational information; Hospitals, clinics and doctors monitor and manage patient care, and; Federal, state and the town government agencies provide vital services to our citizens.

It’s All About The Network

GCET’s networks are engineered to be Agile – to meet today’s mobile and stationary needs: Scaleable – to deliver fiber at up to a full 100Gbps per link throughout the city; and Adaptable – with over 300 locations capable of building new 100Gbps fiber network extensions whenever and wherever the need arises. GreenLight, the trade name for GCET's networks, is built on software-defined networking technology with Active Ethernet deployed all the way out to the edge of the network.

10 Gbps Fiber Core Network
1Gbps Mobility Network
Internet, Private Data, and Digital Voice Services for Residents, Businesses and Visitors