To provide every resident and business with the bandwidth they need, on any device, whatever their location, at no cost to taxpayers
TrueSpeed Broadband
For Everyone
All Over Town

The GCET Network: Agile & Scalable

Active Ethernet

That's a fancy name for Intelligent Networking. Our software defined network enables unparalleled real-time service delivery flexibility with future-proof scalability.

Lightning Fast

Supporting homes, businesses, schools, and all city departments with a 10Gbps Fiber Core Network scalable to 100Gbps for fast download AND equally fast upload speeds.

City-Wide Fiber and Wi-Fi Broadband

Our 10Gbps fiber network and 1.7Gbps mobility network support all of your communications needs, all over town. Login once and go.

A New Model for Municipal Broadband

Community Pricing

GCET is community-owned. That means we’re able to charge less while delivering better service. And we can lower our prices even further as we gain more customers.

Taxpayer Friendly

GCET is financially supported by its customers, not by taxpayers. Revenue generated from services will pay our start-up costs while financing our ongoing operations.

Public Safety & Public Service

Wireless high-speed broadband city-wide supports public safety officials and first-responders with secure, real-time data and video.