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GCET Begins Expansion in North Greenfield


GCET has begun engineering and survey work for its expansion into North Greenfield, bringing locally owned service to well over a thousand homes by late Spring and early Summer.  Service will include symmetrical High Speed Internet, Streaming TV, and Phone service.

“The last year has shown just how valuable reliable, affordable internet service is to a community.  People use it to work from home, stay in touch with relatives, get critical access to health care and shop for things they need.  It is as essential a utility as water or electricity.”, said John Lunt, GCET General Manager.

GCET offers symmetrical internet service, meaning speeds are the same for both downloads AND uploads.  “This means our upload speeds are 20 to 30 times faster than the average cable package.” said Lunt, “ That is very important in a world where Zoom and WebEx are an everyday part of life for many people.”

Through January, GCET will continue to engineer the proper placement of fiber optic cable and other equipment including a new switching enclosure.  From late February through early May, GCET will begin pulling fiber on poles, installing additional hardware, and configuring the new enclosure.  Customers should be able to begin signing up for service in mid-May.

We love it! MUCH CHEAPER! Great service! Never going back!

Cindy S.

I am extremely happy. Internet is better than what I had and I am very happy with my TV channel choices and for a third of the cost.

Micki M.

Best. Thing. EVER!!! The people are wonderful, LOCAL, and best of all I have been saving a ton of $$$.

Cris S.

We made the move to GCET and we wish we did it sooner. The internet is fast and the TV has everything we watch so it works well for our family 😊

Michelle B.

Just got GCET installed – only sad we waited so long. Incredibly, it’s 20x faster and much less expensive than our former provider. Don’t hesitate -and don’t wait like we did. Fantastic customer service. Installation was easy to arrange and very professional.

Jane M.

Hi, very pleased customer I recommend the service over other leading internet providers. If you’re looking for internet GCET is the way to go! #StayLocal

Timothy D.

Just had my service installed yesterday. Couldn’t be happier with the service or the installation. Quick and professional.  Got the top tier service, no issues with online gaming or streaming video. Thanks GCET!

Matthew B.


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